Release: CCTV (Camera security system) installations in Uniacke Square

Dear Community,

I understand that the Metropolitan Regional Housing Authority has issued a tender requesting bids on CCTV installations in Uniacke Square.  I want to inform residents that this is a provincial initiative, and we as members of the HRM Safer Community Initiative are looking into gathering more information regarding Housing Authority’s decision.

As you may be aware, the Halifax Regional Municipality, over the past five months has been working on a community based Safer Community Strategic Plan.  As a member of this internal committee, I can assure you that this plan is a community-focused initiative, and decisions will not be made without community engagement and response.  HRM has and will continue to include residents’ input on any plans impacting your neighbourhood.

DeRico Symonds, Program Manager – Youth Advocate & Souls Strong Programs, and I Lindell Smith, Councillor for District 8 Halifax Peninsula North have hosted three community engagement sessions in the communities directly effected by the violence that took place last year including Uniacke Square, Mulgrave Park, and North Preston. To ensure we heard from community members Mr. Symonds and I hand delivered information flyers to residents living in Uniacke Square & Mulgrave Park, and used other methods of delivery for the Community of North Preston. We will be going back into the communities to host more meetings in the future once we have compiled the feedback received so that residents can stay informed. We want to make it clear that Metropolitan Regional Housing Authority initiative is separate, and is not connected to HRM’s Safer Community Strategic Plan.

We look forward to continuing to work with residents to meet the needs for a safe, vibrant community.  HRM will be communicating with the Province to better understand the issued tender.


Lindell Smith – Councillor District 8 Halifax Peninsula North