Affordability and Social Equity

Ensuring all residents are included in the growth of our city means that Regional Council must be socially aware and ready to support all residents. We have to continue improving how we engage, include, and support residents throughout HRM. We also must recognize the historical injustices faced by Black, Indigenous, People of Colour, members of the 2SLGBTQ+ community, people living with disabilities and other historically marginalized groups. It is crucial that we support these communities by addressing anti-Black racism, commit to reconciliation and make sure all residents are included.

We must strengthen HRM’s role when it comes to housing. This will remain a priority for me if elected for a second term. Affordability is just one aspect of ensuring equitable opportunity and access for all. As we continue to shift the way we live due to issues brought on by COVID-19 and climate change, we must ensure that individuals, families and businesses are able to get the support they need to thrive.



  • I supported the work of the Halifax Food Policy Alliance, by putting forward the motion for HRM to adopt a Food Charter which led to the creation of Halifax Food Action Plan.
  • I supported the expansion of the Low Income Transit Pass Program from pilot implementation to a permanent program. The permanent program also supported a partnership with the Department of Community Services providing 10,000+ recipients of income assistance with transit passes. 
  • I brought forward the motion that led to our Social Policy Framework and our Social Procurement policy. Both support increased opportunities for a more broad range of businesses and residents.
  • I introduced the motion to create a Living Wage policy within procurement, which has since been adopted. 


  • Through the Women’s Advisory Committee and Youth Advisory Committee, I will continue to support and encourage young people and women to be further involved with city decision making. 
  • I will continue to support the full adoption of our Living Wage policy. 
  • I will support HRM’s efforts to combat anti-Black racism, both within city led organizations and throughout the broader community.
  • I will continue to host neighbourhood town hall events in order to hear from residents within the District about the issues impacting them most. 



  • I supported the development of our Density Bonusing policy. These funds will be used for our Affordable Housing Support Fund to support non-profits and affordable housing advocacy organizations. 
  • I put forward the motion to address short-term rentals by creating regulations throughout HRM. Prior to introducing the motion, I asked HRM staff to gather feedback from residents on the issue which led to more than 3,800+ completed surveys. 
  • I supported the approval of secondary and backyard suites. These new policies will support housing affordability and encourage aging in place. 
  • I supported development permit relief and Charter changes to allow multi-year tax relief for not-for-profit housing providers. 


  • I will continue to work with the Provincial and Federal governments to build and support affordable housing initiatives. I will also support non-profit organizations that offer affordable housing. 
  • I will continue to support the policy and/or Charter changes required to provide tax relief for small businesses so they can thrive.