Together we’re making an impact on the future of Halifax and a second term will allow us to translate this momentum into long-lasting policy change. This election matters.

When I was elected in 2016, my commitments focused on Safe and Accessible Communities, Responsible Growth and Affordability. Those areas of impact are more important than ever in 2020 as we rebuild our economy and plan Halifax’s future. 

As I seek your support for re-election to a second term as Councillor for District 8 Halifax Peninsula North, I’d like to share a brief update on what we’ve accomplished so far and where we can go with another four years.

Safe and Accessible Communities

Ensuring all residents feel safe in their neighborhood whether it’s living or commuting continues to be important to all of us. With the adoption of the Integrated Mobility plan, now more than ever we must ensure that infrastructure that moves people and goods is safe and sustainable. Ensuring transparency through policy continues to be a significant priority, especially as we begin to examine more closely how policing affects all residents. I will continue to be a champion for just and equitable policing practices, especially when we look at how policing directly impacts the African Nova Scotian Community. I want to ensure recommendations from the 2019 Halifax Street Check Report are followed and that our policing organizations receive the support they need to implement effective change. 

What We Have Accomplished

What We Will Accomplish

  • Continued advocacy to achieve our pedestrian-first principles within our Integrated Mobility Plan and insure all residents feel safe throughout HRM.
  • Continue to work with the Board of Police Commissioners to follow through with my motions and responsibilities related to policing in HRM.
Ability Starts Here Conference _ Keynote speaker
Street check rally

Responsible Growth

We continue to see growth in our area and I want to continue supporting all voices within District 8, making sure everyone has a seat at the municipal government table. By working directly with HRM staff and stakeholders, residents have been able to make valuable input on the growth and development of our city. Although some developments and initiatives approved at Council may not have mine or all residents support, I am proud that District 8 citizens had an opportunity to voice their concerns. 

What We Have Accomplished

  • The Affordable Access Program, which allows residents to apply for municipal subsidized programs, has been an excellent way to better support low-income households. 
  • The unanimously passed HalifACT 2050: Acting on Climate Together Plan, the municipality’s long-term climate action plan to reduce emissions and help communities adapt to a changing climate. In addition to the environmental benefits, the implementation of this plan will lead to economic opportunities, healthier communities and a more resilient Halifax.  

What We Will Accomplish

  • Moving forward, I want to see through the approval of Centre Plan Package B. This portion of the larger planning process includes policies for established residential areas, parks and commercial lands.
  • Formalizing the use of Community Development Agreements will ensure development includes community enhancements agreed upon by all parties impacted by growth. Although Halifax Regional Council has encountered provincial barriers to implementing inclusionary zoning and Community Development Agreements, I believe strongly in the effectiveness of these tools and will continue to work with my colleagues to make them into actionable policies.
District 8 Town Hall at Ward 5 Neighborhood Centre
District 8 Town Hall at the The Maritime Conservatory of Performing Arts

Affordability and Social Equity

Strengthening HRM’s role with affordable housing remains a priority in my second term. Affordability is just one aspect of ensuring equal opportunity and access to all, that is why we also must focus on Social equity and HRM’s role in this. As we adapt to changes brought on by COVID-19 and climate change, we must ensure that individuals, families and businesses are able to get the support they need to navigate the changes and loss we experience as a community. 

What We Have Accomplished

  • Density Bonusing, a planning negotiation tool implemented by Council to allow an increase in the size of a new building in exchange for funds that will be used for our Affordable housing support fund.
  • As Councillor, I helped move the Low Income Transit Pass Program from pilot implementation to a permanent program.

What We Will Accomplish

  • HRM is piloting a Social Policy Framework that I championed during my first term in office. It has been a long road to implementation and I believe introducing a social policy framework to HRM operations will create opportunities for a broader range of businesses within District 8. 
  • Continue to work with the Provincial government and Federal government to build and support affordable housing builds and also support non-profit organizations who offer affordable housing.

    Mock election session with students
Quinpoo Roadl Community clean up

Now more than ever, your vote matters in continuing to make Halifax safe and accessible, responsible with growth, affordable and socially just. Together we are the voice for District 8 on Halifax Regional Council. Your endorsement will allow us to continue making meaningful steps forward. I appreciate your vote of support. As we move forward, closer to the election date I will release more details on my commitments.

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