Participatory Budget is Back for 2023!

I am excited to invite District 8 residents’ once again to provide their input on how to spend $110,000 in the community, using the Participatory Budgeting model. The benefits of this process are that it encourages great ideas to come forward from local groups, builds community support and collaboration, and gives local residents a direct say in how they want the District 8 capital funds spent.

On PB vote night everyone is encouraged (including children!), come and help choose projects that will help build a stronger community. This is a more engaging and different way to make decisions about how to spend public money in our neighborhood.

Community members, like YOU, will propose projects and/or make recommendations on how to spend this money.

  • Do you live in District 8 Halifax Peninsula North? View Map
  • Need funding for a project to support, enhance, build community?

Does your community:

  • Need funding for a project to support, enhance, build community?
  • Want to see more public art, bike racks, benches?
  • Does your neighbourhood want to improve a park or playground?

Capital projects that provide a public benefit are eligible for funding. You are encouraged to contact my office and speak to Nancy Viner my Council coordinator her email is Nancy Viner or you can call her at 902-490-4086 if you have any questions.

What can be funded is capital projects that provide a public benefit. Residents should know in advance that all HRM policies and guidelines must be met. Read the HRM District Capital Policy here.

Learn How to apply here


Proposal Submission Deadline

Wednesday, July 12th

Email to Nancy Viner or by mail Nancy Viner, Council Support Office PO Box 1749 Halifax, NS B3J 3A5

District 8 Participatory Budget Community Vote Night

Wednesday, July 26 at the Halifax Forum – Maritime Hall 2901 Windsor St, Halifax

Any District 8 resident in attendance can vote, even kids! There is no age limit. Voters must be present to vote. ID is not required, but voters will be asked to sign in affirming they are residents of District 8. Not sure if you live in District 8? Look up your address here: