Halifax Peninsula North is one of the fastest growing areas in Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM). As District 8 continues to grow, the needs of its residents continue to diversify. District 8 is home to one of Nova Scotia’s oldest African Canadian communities. Peoples of the Mi’kmaw First Nation share this District with all of its diverse residents, for which we are grateful. Many newcomers to Nova Scotia continue to make roots on Halifax Peninsula North. There are many senior residents within District 8 boundaries. Young people who have come to Nova Scotia for work or for school are drawn to the vibrancy of this area and add to the colourful community network. Many young entrepreneurs are drawn to this area, which has led to an influx in economic growth for the District, in recent years.

At the same time as this marked growth is occurring District 8 has remained steadfastly, a community for families, where schools and safety are a paramount concern to ensure our children achieve to their fullest capacity. It cannot be overlooked that District 8 is also home to some of Halifax’s most vulnerable communities. Support for the homeless, for those suffering with addictions, street workers, refugees, women in crisis, and those reintegrating from incarceration, can all be found within the bounds of District 8. This is an area marked with the spirit of community, volunteerism and entrepreneurism. The characteristics of this District include caring for its young people, caring for its elders, advocating for mental health and social welfare issues, inclusion, innovation, and growth. District 8 requires leadership that is not only aware of the diversity present within the District’s boundaries, but leadership with the capacity to respond to these diverse needs. District 8 needs a leader who will listen, who will genuinely care, who will instil trust in District 8 constituents, and who will get the job done. I, Lindell Smith am the leadership that District 8 needs now.


I Stand for ALL residents being properly represented

  • Residents living in Peninsula North should be properly represented in council. Their voices must be heard when decisions that affect our community are being made. We must also ensure residents that have lived in Peninsula North for years are included in the community’s growth and revitalization.
  • Youth should have access to more community based activities and programming. Youth should also have more opportunities in the community around arts and culture.
  • We must bridge the gap between residents and businesses in the North End and make sure that both are represented in our growth, working together towards growth as a community.


I Stand for Healthy Community Growth

  • A healthy community is accessible, diverse, affordable, and inclusive. We need to insure that all voices are included in its development by creating Community Development Agreements that residents living in Peninsula North help create. These agreements must work in tandem with the Centre Plan.
  • Small Businesses in Peninsula North should be included in the revitalization of the community.
  • Residents should have access to affordable and suitable housing. Ensuring that the Municipal voice at the Housing & Homelessness Partnership table is a strong one.
  • Continued community support of the Participatory Budgeting process. Ensuring that community and community organizations continue to feel included in the process.


I Stand for A Safe and Accessible Community

  • All residents – not just Residents of Peninsula North – should have access to good, affordable, and alternative transit.
  • Ensuring that schools in Peninsula North are safe and that residents are fully aware of any changes that could affect the education and safety of children.
  • Working with Halifax Regional Police to improve community centered policing and ensuring that the most vulnerable populations, particularly women and children are safe.
  • Seniors in our community have the right to an accessible community. Age-friendly community planning factors should be written into our community planning and Regional Centre Planning.

I Stand for Being Accessible and Transparent

  • Properly recording and reporting ALL donations over $50 made to my campaign, and only accepting donations from individuals, to a maximum of $1000.
  • Donations from Corporations, Businesses, Unions, etc will not be accepted as part of my campaign efforts. I know that these types of orgs are important to the community, it is not my intention to exclude them from the conversation, but I am only going to accept individual donations.

    If any organization and or business etc. is willing to donate to my campaign, my hope is that they be more than willing to donate to community organizations. I am happy to align them with an organization in the community. Corporations, Businesses, Unions, etc are all part of the community, and should be included in community growth.

  • Ensuring that Peninsula North residents are fully aware of what is happening in their community.




I know Lindell through his work in our community. I live in District 8, and I trust Lindell to be a voice for my values at Council. I’m excited to vote for him, and I am proud to support him in his campaign.

Lindell’s campaign does not accept corporate donations, and is funded by small donations from people in Halifax. I’ve donated, and I’m asking you to consider donating as well. No amount is too small: it all adds up.

He’s running in District 8 which is, in broad terms, the North end and part of the West end of Halifax. If Lindell’s candidacy excites you, know that you don’t need to be in district 8 to donate.

Megan Leslie, Senior Consultant on Ocean Governance


In a world where we are forced to watch the American Presidential Race, it is indeed a pleasure to watch a community person put their efforts into the community. Lindell Smith is the perfect mix of activist, student, learner and teacher. The community loves him and he loves it right back.

I fully support his efforts to be an advocate for all of the people in the North End of Halifax.  They are worthy of his efforts. He is worthy of theirs.

Wade Smith, Principal of Citadel High School


After thinking about who I will be voting for I have decided to support Lindell. He brings an outlook and perspective that is so important to have represented. He is a young man, a dad, a role model to youth of African descent, a caring community member, a listener, a learner, a warm, respectful, thoughtful, positive person who will do the heavy lifting that comes with being an effective Councillor.

Just as Jennifer Watts, our outgoing councillor, has served our community well, so too will Lindell. And I think he not only will fight for the things our community needs, but he will inspire others, and he will build bridges.

Maureen MacDonald, former MLA Halifax Needham