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District 8 Update #15 – Happy Holidays! Vacation, Last Council Summery, HRM Winter Info, Public Hearing Quinpool & Robie, and More!

December 21, 2017 Lindell 0

Hello Subscribers! Happy Winter! Below you will find information that will be helpful for this winter, parking ban, HRM snow information, etc. Please be aware that I will be on Vacation from December 22nd until January 7th. So, I will not be checking email or phone (Unless there is a snow storm). Any urgent matters please call 311 or contact Nadine Yuriev Phone: 902.490.1577 Email: Also, from January 20th – February 10th I will be participating in International Visitor Leadership Program through The Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, […]

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District 8 Update #14 *Long Update*– First Year in Summary, Community Events, Next Council and Committee Meetings, and more!

November 14, 2017 Lindell 0

Hello Subscribers, Thank you for sticking around since being elected just over a year ago, it has been an amazing and rewarding year, full of lessons learned, perspectives heard, and knowledge gained. With thousands of emails returned, hundreds of phone calls answered, many many many meetings and events attended, it’s been a busy year so far! All that goes without saying, I have also missed emails, phone calls, and events which I apologize for, but bear with me it’s just my first year in. Before you read the update, here […]

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District 8 Update #13 – Last Regional Council Summery, Transit Priority Corridors Sessions, Public Information Sessions (Cases 20267, 20360, 20577), Community Events and More!

September 28, 2017 Lindell 0

Hello Subscribers! I hope fall has treated you all well so far! I first must apologizes for not getting a September newsletter out sooner, it has been an extremely busy month. Next update will be a very special edition. Why you ask? On November 1st, it will officially be one year since being sworn in, and there’s lots to share! So, stay tuned for the next update. List of events and notices – here’s what is included: Update: Regional Council Summary from September 19th Open House Sessions: Transit Priority Corridors […]

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District 8 Update #12 – Last Regional Council Summery, Cousins Restaurant Development, United Not Isolated Festival, Community Events, and more!

August 24, 2017 Lindell 0

List of events and notices – here’s what is included: Update: Regional Council Summary from August 15th Almon Street – Sidewalk Renewal/Traffic Signal and Street Rehabilitation Neighbourhood Watch meeting Citadel High School Open House North End Parent Resource Centre Children’s Registration YouthNet’s Summertime Extravajam! Salvation Army Wellness Check In North End Community Health Centre Good Food Box United Not Isolated Festival Creighton street painting party UP Basketball Tournament @ Uniacke Square (New Date) Items of Interest August North End Community Circle Roundtable Notes North End Business Association Quinpool Road Business […]